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Eiffel Recipes Community Book to spread the world

We all know, that Eiffel is a great language, but we need to do something to spread the world and show the real value that Eiffel as a method and language
can provide. So this is my initial idea.

I'd like to add something like, Eiffel Recipes a community book, simple examples that add Value.
You could say, the examples are available in the EiffelSoftware distribution, externals sources, etc, that's right, but I want to show it directly in a cool web site, screen-cast, etc. I like some of the Hal Webre presentations, for example the lernets are wonderful but they are not visible, I suggest to make them more visible and produce more of them.

This is my Eiffel Recipes plan, this should be a community book, with examples hosted in Git, and maybe have the possibility to run the
examples directly in the Browser.

1. New to Eiffel (something like Ian Joyner tutorial updated with the last additions)

  • 1.1
  • ......
    2. Eiffel from the command Line

  • 2.1
  • .....
    3. How to work with Files?

  • 3.1
  • .....
    4 How to Parse JSON?

  • 4.1
  • ....
    5 How to Write JSON?

  • 5.1
  • ....
    6. How to parse XML?

  • 6.1
  • ....
    7. How to write XML?

  • 7.1
  • ....
    8. Working with Databases

  • 8.1. Oracle
  • 8.2. PostgreSQL
  • 8.3. SQLite
  • 8.4 NoSQL
  • ....
    9. Eiffel and the Web

  • 9.1 EWF framework
  • 9.2 Writing conventional WebSites
  • 9.3 *-RPC def *=JSON, XML
  • 9.4. REST services
  • 9.5 SOAP?
  • ....
    10. Concurrency Programming in Eiffel

  • 10.1 Eiffel SCOOP
  • ....
    11. Eifffel Persistence
    12. Testing with Eiffel

  • 12.1
  • ...
    13. How to talk with other Languages

  • 13.1 Eiffel and C, real world examples, step by step
  • 13.2 Eiffel and C++, real world examples, step by step
  • .....
    14. Build and Deploy and Distribution

  • 14.1 Eiffel and Jenkins
  • ....

    15. Eiffel Research projects


    Take into account this is a How to guide in Eiffel.

    What do you think?. What do you suggest?


    This sounds like a good idea
    We could set up drupal book for this purpose on

    I think this is a great idea as well. Through Jenkins we will speak about CI and developpers community is increasingly interested in. Eiffel and command line is important too because we can show what happens behind the scene. As I see it, it is reassuring.
    Obviously I totally agree with the others.
    This guideline sounds like oriented object approach because here is listed some services that Eiffel can provide for us. I think about this for a long time : describe Eiffel ecosystem thanks to an oriented object approach where we could have a "developper class", "IDE class" etc...
    But maybe I am off-topic ?

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